Workshop Announcement: Developing Culturally-Sensitive Leaders

John Fleming has circulated a poster [2019-1116 FINAL Flyer-Culturally Sensitive Leaders Training w-link & QR Code] announcing this workshop at Christ The King on Saturday, Nov. 16 in Nagle Hall. It is part of the CTK Advocacy Team’s current study of Race and Racism Sunday School series. Members of our congregations (especially Social Ministry/Social Justice committee members) are invited. Lunch will be provided, and registration is free. (Sign up online by Nov. 13 or earlier; links for doing that are in the attachment.)


  1. The soon-to-come “Holy Closure” of Joy of Discovery Mission has been set for 3:30 pm, June 23, 2019 at 2325 Garner Road (signage says “Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.” sorority house). All are invited to participate.
  2. We are organizing a business meeting of Wake Lutheran Peace Fellowship, probably at Grace Lutheran, 5010 Six Forks Road, Raleigh. We will be contacting people offline to gauge interest in participation and help us decide on a date for this meeting. Once it is scheduled we will add it to our calendar. (The top choices as I announce this are July 18 or July 25, both of which are Thursday evenings.)

The Human Rights Data Analysis Group

Human Rights Day is observed on 10 December every year. This past Monday was the 70th anniversary. I have an online subscription to mailing lists of the American Statistical Association. One thing it publishes periodically is a podcast/program called Stats+Stories on which they just posted an interview inspired by Human Rights Day, with Dr. Megan Price, Executive Director of “HRDAG” who designs strategies and methods to analyze human rights data in some very sensitive locations. A 28-minute podcast and transcript of the interview titled “Using Data to Protect Human Rights” is posted at

New National Coordinator for Lutheran Peace Fellowship

The national board of Lutheran Peace Fellowship has announced the appointment of Rev. Paul Bailie as their new National Coordinator. In January 2019, Pastor Bailie and Glen Gersmehl will begin to share the coordination duties, each working about half-time while the new coordinator grows into the job and the former coordinator transitions into retirement. (Pastor Bailie has a parish ministry call in northeastern Ohio that he will continue serving part-time during the same transition.)

Peace Booth at the 2018 NC State Fair

The 2018 State Fair runs Oct. 11-21 and the Peace Booth will be open with the theme “Building Nonviolent Futures”. For many years I have coordinated a half day of service sponsored by the Wake County Lutheran Peace Fellowship chapter and the Monday morning/afternoon time slot (Oct 15) is usually assigned to our volunteers.

I will need to recruit 6 volunteers to work two hours each between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm on Oct 16. If YOU are interested, please let me know anytime.

There will also be an orientation/training program for volunteers on a weekday evening about a week before the fair opens. This has been scheduled for either Oct 8 or Oct 9 (you only attend one of the two dates).


Employment Opportunity: National Coordinator

Lutheran Peace Fellowship is seeking to hire a new National Coordinator. Responsibilities and skill areas involve working with others to:

  • build awareness of peace & justice concerns, ethical links, and effective responses
  • develop engaging education and advocacy activities and strategies
  • craft effective forums, resources, social media, outreach, fundraising
  • inspire and support member activity, involving others in their church & beyond
  • work to strengthen LPF membership, financial support, leadership, impact
  • spot and respond to problems & conflicts, challenges & opportunities

See a detailed job description.


2018 Habitat For Humanity Build

A coalition of 7 or 8 ELCA and LCMS Lutheran congregations in Wake County have agreed to fund and build a single-family home between the dates of April 14 and June 23, 2018 in the Crosstowne Subdivision. I’ll put some workday information on the Peace Fellowship calendar as I get to it. The main web page for build schedule, related events, volunteer information, photos and FAQ’s is