New National Coordinator for Lutheran Peace Fellowship

The national board of Lutheran Peace Fellowship has announced the appointment of Rev. Paul Bailie as their new National Coordinator. In January 2019, Pastor Bailie and Glen Gersmehl will begin to share the coordination duties, each working about half-time while the new coordinator grows into the job and the former coordinator transitions into retirement. (Pastor Bailie has a parish ministry call in northeastern Ohio that he will continue serving part-time during the same transition.)


Campaign Nonviolence NC 2018

I have added the “week” of Sept 15-23 as an event on the calendar. A poster attached to the event identifies 3 activities in Raleigh.

In addition, Sept. 21 is the United Nations International Day of Peace using the theme this year “The Right to Peace: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, at 70

Peace Booth at the 2018 NC State Fair

The 2018 State Fair runs Oct. 11-21 and the Peace Booth will be open with the theme “Building Nonviolent Futures”. For many years I have coordinated a half day of service sponsored by the Wake County Lutheran Peace Fellowship chapter and the Monday morning/afternoon time slot (Oct 15) is usually assigned to our volunteers.

I will need to recruit 6 volunteers to work two hours each between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm on Oct 16. If YOU are interested, please let me know anytime.

There will also be an orientation/training program for volunteers on a weekday evening about a week before the fair opens. This has been scheduled for either Oct 8 or Oct 9 (you only attend one of the two dates).


Employment Opportunity: National Coordinator

Lutheran Peace Fellowship is seeking to hire a new National Coordinator. Responsibilities and skill areas involve working with others to:

  • build awareness of peace & justice concerns, ethical links, and effective responses
  • develop engaging education and advocacy activities and strategies
  • craft effective forums, resources, social media, outreach, fundraising
  • inspire and support member activity, involving others in their church & beyond
  • work to strengthen LPF membership, financial support, leadership, impact
  • spot and respond to problems & conflicts, challenges & opportunities

See a detailed job description.


2018 Habitat For Humanity Build

A coalition of 7 or 8 ELCA and LCMS Lutheran congregations in Wake County have agreed to fund and build a single-family home between the dates of April 14 and June 23, 2018 in the Crosstowne Subdivision. I’ll put some workday information on the Peace Fellowship calendar as I get to it. The main web page for build schedule, related events, volunteer information, photos and FAQ’s is

January 2018 calendar postings

The annual Martin Luther King, Jr. commemoration sponsored by the Triangle Lutheran Conference (ELCA churches) is Sunday, Jan. 14 at Holy Trinity ELCA in Raleigh. More information is on the Google calendar.

Third Tuesday Forum meetings continue to be held at Highland United Methodist Church almost every month. I don’t consistently post the topics. Instead, I recommend attending one of the recurring meetings and giving convener Joe Burton your contact information so that you will be notified of topics and news on his private email distribution. While we are not scheduling business meetings of our own nowadays, the social time before or after the forum can be an opportunity to keep up with our activities.

Peace Booth at 2017 NC State Fair

On Tuesday I committed to coordinate a half day of service sponsored by the Wake County Lutheran Peace Fellowship chapter at this year’s state fair. I have added to our calendar the fair itself (Oct 12-22) and the Monday morning/afternoon time slot that is usually assigned to our volunteers.

I will need to recruit 6 volunteers to work two hours each between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm on Oct 16. If YOU are interested, please let me know anytime.

There will also be an orientation/training program for volunteers on a weekday evening about a week before the fair opens. This is not on the calendar yet, because the dates can vary.

The theme for this year’s Peace Booth will be announced later.

Urgent alert in re refugee resettlement

My contact person at Lutheran Services Carolinas forwarded the information below.

Dear Valued Volunteers,  Community Partners and friends,

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LSC’s national VOLAG), has met with the Trump administration in Washington and we have received some discouraging news. But we will  continue doing this important work with even more resolution and passion. We still do not know exactly how/when  our local resettlement services will be effected.

Now more than ever, as federal funding which keeps our programs running is at stake, we recognize the importance of compassionate community members like yourself carrying on the banner of welcome and hope to refugees in our community.

Official LIRS press statement:

A statement from the LSC Director:

We have seen media reports that President Trump will make an announcement stopping refugee resettlement for certain nationalities and/or religions, among pausing resettlement altogether.

Now that the announcement has gotten media attention, we want to lift up voices in particular DIRECTLY TO PRESIDENT TRUMP expressing opposition, in an effort to hopefully change these plans. We need to take action NOW.

Only if you are comfortable with sharing, please share this with our volunteers, churches, other faith leaders, supporters!


1. Sign this petition stating opposition to any plans to stop refugee resettlement. Remember to confirm your sign-on via your email, otherwise it won’t be counted.

2. Tweet @realDonaldTrump & @POTUS – Samples (please personalize from your group):

.@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS Don’t stop welcoming refugees. Resettlement demonstrates the best of our values #RefugeesWelcome

.@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS Keep America welcoming. Refugee resettlement is a proud American legacy with bipartisan support #RefugeesWelcome

.@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS People of faith OPPOSE a religious litmus test for refugees #RefugeesWelcome

.@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS Denying Muslim refugees safety is an affront to religious liberty #RefugeesWelcome

.@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS More than 800 faith leaders are opposed to any policy that would keep Muslim refugees from seeking safety:

.@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS Christians oppose policies that would deny Muslims refuge and preference Christians

3. Send the White House a Facebook message at AND submit an electronic message at (please personalize from your group):

 President Trump, We are hearing that you will stop refugee resettlement based on someone’s nationality or religion. As a faith group, we are STRONGLY opposed to any policy change that would deny access to refugees based on their religion or nationality. Please reject such ideas, as a religious litmus test for safety is an affront to religious liberty.

As faith groups that work with thousands of members of our communities in churches and synagogues across the country to welcome refugees every day, we oppose any plan to reduce refugee admissions and to prevent Muslim refugees from being resettled in the United States. We urge you to allow the U.S. refugee program to continue to resettle refugees that need our protection regardless of where they come from or how they pray.  Thank you for your leadership in ensuring the U.S. remains a beacon of hope for all those who are persecuted that seek peace, safety and freedom.

More than 800 faith leaders: “The U.S. Refugee Resettlement program has been and should remain open to those of any religious tradition who face persecution on account of the reasons enumerated under U.S. law. We oppose any proposal that would prevent Syrian refugees or individuals who practice Islam and other faiths from accessing the U.S. refugee resettlement program. Proposals that would have the U.S. State Department disqualify refugees from protection based on their nationality or religion fly in the face of the very principles this nation was built upon, contradict the legacy of leadership our country has historically demonstrated, and dishonor our shared humanity.”
 4. Share this BROADLY.

Also, we are re-opening the sign on letter, so that any faith leaders who are not on the letter and would like to be can sign up at

Thanks everyone. Please note that we still do not know when an executive order will be released or what the specifics are. Right now we are just focusing on tweeting, facebooking, and communicating through the petition. We will continue to send information as we receive it and are still planning on broader action alerts following any announcement that would turn our back on refugees.

Bedrija Jazic
Service Team Leader
Refugee and Immigrant Services
Lutheran Services Carolinas
1118 Union Street
Columbia, SC 29201