Helping Refugees in Raleigh

Last month, a poster appeared at church, by which Lutheran Services Carolinas advertised seeking a property they could rent for use as a Welcome House for newly arrived refugees in transition or financially struggling single-mother refugee families. (They may actually wish to have two such properties, though the poster didn’t say so.) My understanding is they had been quietly, but ineffectively, looking for this for a year or so before someone thought of advertising directly in the churches.

The afternoon of the first day I saw the poster, I contacted the program manager and offered our condominium that we have had vacant since the end of 2015. We were able to reach an agreement, and they will lease our condo for the next 12 months. There will be refugees (from Syria most likely) in for brief durations while LSC arranges more permanent housing.

Message from the Peace Booth Steering Committee

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

The Steering Committee of The Peace Booth wishes to convey our most sincere appreciation for all you and your volunteers did to make this year’s Peace Booth such a success. We had very high participation in our petitions, garnering the most signatures ever on a petition, 1,980 on our petition to fund more Veteran’s Courts in North Carolina.

Final petition count for #ThePeaceBooth:

  • Support Veterans Courts: 1980
  • Welcome Refugees: 1340
  • Police Camera Transparency: 1740

We had many visitors to the booth, including many people who stopped in to take part in our social media “experiment” and envision themselves as a peacemaker. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and that we can count on you to return next year.

We have the Peace Pole… and so can you! If any group would like to have it for a month or so, please let us know – we would like for it to be traveling symbol of peace.

Similarly, if your community has a place to display this year’s “Follow is to Peace” backdrop, a wonderful piece of art painted by Joe McTaggert, let us know; we would be happy to donate it.

Please watch our Twitter feed and/or our Facebook page throughout the year!

Did you know you can get a peace quote every day a Check it out! DM us if you have a quote to share.

— The Peace Booth (@ThePeaceBooth) October 26, 2016David Biesack

The Peace Booth Steering Committee

September 2016 news

After a summer hiatus, we had a meeting at Holy Trinity ELCA church. We attempted to listen to a recent podcast in which Glen Gersmehl was interviewed by Jerry Iversen on Simple Living Works. Because of technical difficulties, this was not successful. So we will try again at our next meeting. We also discussed the topics bulleted below.
¶ We decided to meet bimonthly instead of monthly, meet at churches and offer educational or public interest presentations to attract visitors. The next meeting is to be held Nov. 10 at Grace Lutheran Church. (See the website’s calendar.)
¶ Campaign Nonviolence NC Week is under way. Tomorrow is the United Nations International Day of Peace observance. Next Saturday from 10:00 to 2:00 is the “Festival” workshop day. The location is Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 3313 Wade Avenue.
¶ Peace Booth at the State Fair. On Oct. 17 we need 3 more volunteers to work 2-hour shift between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Please contact me directly if you are interested.
¶ Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb of Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, Palestine makes another visit to North Carolina March 24-26, 2017. A dinner program Friday March 24 in Raleigh; a morning/lunch meeting in Chapel Hill Saturday, March 25, and Sunday worship service at Duke Chapel March 26.

August 2016 Meetings

The Peace Fellowship has decided to not hold a business meeting this month. Some of us want to attend a Memorial Prayer Service at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church that is scheduled at our usual meeting time on Aug 18. (See the calendar for some more info about the Prayer Service.) Please join us at Pullen.

There is also a Wake County CROP Walk Kick-off meeting that evening.

We anticipate having a regular meeting on Sep 15. It will probably be set at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church instead of one of the restaurants, to facilitate a media presentation.

The Peace Booth at the 2016 State Fair

The theme for 2016 is social media-inspired, “Follow us to Peace #ThePeaceBooth.  Celebrate with us this year as we mark The Peace Booth’s 65th year at the NC State Fair! The North Carolina State Fair runs October 13 through October 23 this year. We will be there every day, thanks to our many volunteers! We hope you will visit.

Wake County Lutheran Peace Fellowship is responsible for staffing the Peace Booth on Monday, Oct. 17 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with six volunteers who each work two hours within this time period. We arrange for free admission to the fair on the volunteer date. Volunteers are also asked to attend one orientation session for training, on either Monday, Oct. 10 or Tuesday, Oct 11 at 7:00 p.m. at Community UCC Church. (These events are posted on our website’s calendar.)

Please let me know if you are interested in helping or if you know of other people who would probably like to help but have not been asked. (You are also welcome to share this announcement directly.)

Leo Robert Klohr, 1932-2016

Leo Klohr died in Raleigh, NC on May 24, 2016 after a long period of endurance with cancer. Our sympathy is offered to his family.

He was active in the peace and justice movement in many ways, including leadership of this Lutheran Peace Fellowship chapter, as well as service to the national office’s board,  and the Peace Booth at the N.C. State Fair  Committee.

Summer Hiatus

We decided to not schedule any meetings in May, June or July. If issues require business to be done, we’ll try to handle it by email.

(The calendar is not up to date and I am acclimating to a new computer. Sorry for any inconvenience that may result.)

CROP Walk Celebration

If you walked on the 35th annual Raleigh CROP Walk last October, you may be interested in an awards reception they have scheduled this Feb. 18. Anyone wanting to attend should send an RSVP via email by Feb. 12. See the calendar for more info.

I believe this reception conflicts with our own planned monthly meeting.

HKonJ event added to the calendar

The 10th annual Moral March on Raleigh is set for Saturday morning, Feb. 13. See the Peace Fellowship calendar for a few more specifics (click on “8:30”).

Those reading about it here may be interested in marching together as a group. Sue Woodling has offered to “coordinate” this. (I want Sue to add her own comment to this post with more information. Thanks!)